Cloud Backup

Cloud Archiving

Dramatically cut your primary storage costs by offloading data to the cloud with Redstor and still have immediate access to your archived data. Best of all, no user training or ongoing management is required.

  • Free up primary storage

    Extend the life of your expensive hardware assets and delay purchasing more primary storage to cope with your data growth.

  • Improve archiving durability and reliability

    Copies of your data are held offsite in multiple locations, and the service is fully automated with audit trails and reporting included

  • Liberate your IT team

    Fully automated and policy-driven, Redstor seamlessly archives data that meets specified criteria – giving you complete control of what’s archived and when, and liberating your IT team to focus on more strategic priorities.

  • No user training required

    There is no need for end-user training because the user experience remains completely unchanged. Archiving is centrally managed via policies created by your IT team.

  • Eliminate delays in access to archived data

    Hosted in Redstor’s secure data centres, your archived data is streamed instantly and on demand from the cloud, using our InstantData™ technology.

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