Why Refurbished?

  • Make Your Budget Go Further

    Buying refurbished allows schools to replace more computers with the same amount of money without any reduction in quality, reliability or performance. If your budget is very small you may have thought it was not possible to replace your old and unreliable equipment, but our refurbished IT equipment makes this a possibility.

  • Put an End to Constant Repairs

    If your school’s IT department seems to be stuck in a constant cycle of repairs on your IT equipment that causes a lot of disruption but you don’t have the budget for brand new equipment then refurbished computers and laptops may be the answer to your problems. We can source replacements for your faulty equipment that performs just as well as new but at a fraction of the price.

  • Maintain Consistency

    With Cloud 9 you can order large number of the same type of laptop or computer consistently over an extended period of time. This makes managing your IT equipment much easier for you and ensures all of the computers and laptops have the same capabilities that meet your requirements.